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Green Hydrogen Focuses on the Development and Integration of Sustainable Energy Technologies and Systems: Carbon Free Fuel, Energy Storage and Power On Demand Solutions for Industrial, Commercial Application and Utility Scale Projects • HydroGen is a Green Hydrogen JV, Technology and Project Development Partner • Together we collaborate to design customised Green Hydrogen Systems and Facilities - delivering sustainable clean fuel and power supply solutions to our clients

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HydroGen is a an environmental energy engineering group and international consultancy providing complete solutions and services to the power, water, clean fuel and energy intensive sectors. HydroGen leverages an empowering combination of sector talent, skilled engineers and technological resources to deliver added value to governments, local / regional authorities and our industrial and commercial clients.

A Systems Developer and Advanced Technology Distributor
HydroGen focuses on the integration of innovative water treatment, clean fuel and power generation technologies - HydroGen works with our JV and Technology partners to design advanced solutions, high perfomance water, fuel and power delivery systems and facilities for industrial and commercial application,

Transforming Environments- Sustainable Asset Management and Infrastructure Development
We provide customised efficient and reliable Utility Scale Power Plants, EFW Energy From Waste, Water Treatment / Desalination Plants and Fuel Processing Plants, Safe Hydrogen Production and Delivery Facilities, Re-fueling Systems, Stations and Ports - HydroGen's solutions include Clean Energy, Clean Fuel,  Water Purification, Power to Gas, Power Storage and Combined Fuel Cell Systems. Our transformational projects focus on the modernization of Industrial and commercial environments, utility, new energy, mobility infrastructure and sustainable city developments

Strategic Partnerships: R&D and Innovation - JV's, advanced engineering solutions and project delivery

As both an efficiency and innovation led group we partner and collaborate with advanced technology providers, HydroGen offers through-life design and build engineering services with integrated architecture, high performance productivity systems and sustainable design; delivering advanced solutions, modern structures, facilities and plant.

The HydroGen teams provide professional services throughout the complete life cycle of the asset starting from initial surveys and concept planning, through to design, delivery, project management, supervision and on-going maintenance. The same underlying philosophy applies to all of HydroGen's projects - to work closely with the client, our technology, JV partners and other team members to develop the most creative, high quality engineering solution, on time and within the specified budget

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